What Types of Security Gates Are People Looking For?

The type of gate that we install is almost always the type of that a customer asks for originally. There are instances where a specific type of swing gate or sliding gate might not be the best choice, but we can build nearly any type of gate for any size or specific location.

First, we always want to understand our customer’s reasoning for why they prefer certain type of security gates. That’s mainly because a customer may have seen a gate they really like somewhere, or at a friend’s home or something like that. We might suggest an alternative in some instances if really we believe one type will operate better than another or with fewer problems over the long term, but there are only a few instances where we can’t build the type of gate that they really want.

Security Gates with Great Curb Appeal

Most customers will prefer a more decorative looking or aesthetically pleasing gate when it’s in the front view of the home. However, they still want it to provide security and operate easily. Many of these are made of steel pickets and designs that can range to nearly infinity. It’s most likely that if you can dream it, we can build it.

Not only do our customers want the gate to be nice looking, they want it to provide security…and to be convenient. There are several methods to provide that desired convenience along with added security. We can help with all types of mechanisms or operators for remotely controlling access through the security gate.

From standard remotes similar to garage door  openers to keypad entry or vehicular loops, we can do it all. With today’s available technology, we can even assist with remote access through your smart “device” to allow entry from long distance when necessary.

Since they are having the gate built anyway, some homeowners also ask for a gate to be built that will be “pet friendly”. These will normally be constructed where they have either additional pickets to reduce picket spacing or sometimes even a solid metal panel near the bottom of the gate to keep pets in or others’ pets out of your yard.

Rear Facing Security Gates

If a customer has a rear facing entrance or drive, they are normally more concerned about privacy and security as priorities and aesthetics as a secondary consideration. However, nobody wants security gates that are obvious eyesores.

Many times we can help design gates that meets all those needs and blend a slide gate with an existing fence, while providing very strong security and privacy. We can build security gates that can range in width from a walk-thru gate to as large as about 40 feet. A larger sized gate will always require additional consideration, stronger components and better quality work to make certain it operates without problems.

Get the Right Contractor the First Time

We sometimes receive calls from other unhappy homeowners that can’t understand why the security gate that they had someone else install is always giving them problems. It is dragging or maybe just won’t open at all any longer.

Their contractor may have even been out several times, but they can’t get it fixed right… this scenario happens often when a contractor might be doing it for the first time. Unfortunately, we find that this can sometimes be a very difficult and expensive problem to resolve. If the contractor hasn’t installed the right support posts or didn’t install them properly or deep enough, these can all lead to problems very quickly.

Experience and Professionalism

If you are considering automated security gates at your home or business, give the professionals at Titan Doors and Gates a call. Our technicians are ready to help you with new gate installations or diagnosing and repairing one that you currently have.

We can quickly assess the issues and many times will have the right products on our vehicles to make immediate repairs to almost any type or brand of security gates or garage doors.

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