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Why Do Garage Doors Go Bad at the Worst Times?

Garage Doors – The Best of Times/The Worst of Times It never fails…you need to do something or be somewhere and that’s when garage doors are likely to quit working! It might be something simple with your opener or remote, or maybe you just heard a loud POP! Whatever it is when garage doors quit working […]


How Important Are Garage Lights ?

 Garage Lights Are Vital To Function and Safety Though it is not likely something most people take into consideration, garage lights are vitаl to the function and the safety of your garage. Many gаrаgеѕ lack windows that can provide natural light, making it is necessary to have good lighting for almost anything that you do. […]


How to Protect Your Garage and Home When Traveling

Remember to Keep Your Garage and Home Safe When You Leave Most of us leave our homes each morning and return each evening after work to find everything the way we left it. We love our garages, the convenience of automatic garage door openers and other small ways that make life easier and simpler for […]